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Smartphone Detective Audio Game | Flagstaff, AZ
Smartphone Detective Audio Game | Flagstaff, AZ
Smartphone Detective Audio Game | Flagstaff, AZ Community
Smartphone Detective Audio Game | Flagstaff, AZ Flagstaff | Drive or Walk Note start time does NOT have to be 10am. After booking, you can complete the experience ANY TIME you like. Choose from driving or walking map. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 United States

This event is scheduled on : 05/17/2024, 10:00 am


You've just graduated from the Academy when Commander Mahoney, the Chief of Police, calls and says he needs you now.

Murder on the streets of Flagstaff, AZ.

Your job is to get to the 10 locations marked on the map, piece together the evidence, identify the killer and issue an arrest warrant.

To do so you'll enjoy an entertaining audio production featuring character interviews, recordings and interactions while piecing together clues, solving puzzles, collecting evidence & interpreting security footage.


Welcome to DetectiveYOU, an experience like no other. Visit website here.

As you travel to various locations within the app's game map, you'll become part of a professionally acted & produced audio story full of murder, mystery and intrigue.

Combining elements of an audio play, an outdoor escape room and a murder mystery game, DetectiveYOU offers a uniquely fun & challenging experience for a mature audience.

Head out as a solo detective, with a partner or in a group. However you choose, you'll get the chance to save your city and be a HEARO!

How it Works

After booking, you can complete the game anytime you like without having to rebook. You can also take as long as you like to complete it as there are no time constraints.

Once you've downloaded the app and entered your code, you'll have the choice to enjoy the experience outdoors with a walking map or to escape the elements with a driving one.

I f you choose a walking map, 3-4 people per device is best in order to properly hear the audio. For driving maps, connect a single device to your vehicle's stereo for everyone to hear (select a quantity of 1 at checkout).

HEARO adventures are a super inexpensive way to get out of the house on a date night, with friends or for some company bonding!

* * This experience is not suitable for all ages as it contains adult material such as profanity & references to sex, violence & drug use


  • delivered through the HEARO smartphone app for Apple and Android
  • live map with turn by turn directions
  • 16 characters voiced by professional actors & actresses
  • 3 difficulty levels: realistic, normal and easy
  • approximately 2 hour long experience
  • work together or compete with built-in scoring system
  • casual / easy mode let's you simply enjoy the audio production and gameplay

W hat is HEARO?

V isit the website

G et the app (mobile device)

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